Stella's Enterprise

Stella, a mother of 2 teenage girls,buys and sells various foods to pay for her daughters education. Stella received a high interest loan from an organization which has hurt her business so she is requesting a loan through Mission Resource.
NEED: A small loan to allow her to complete her relationship with the high interest organization to improve her profit margin.
IMPACT: Providing for her daughters and church.
ONLY $1114 NEEDED to fund this project completely!

Mador Hair Clinic

Rosemary Dordzie has been a very successful hair dresser for 9 years. She and her husband Paul are also very involved in Living Bread Mission, which is a community ministry outreach. Rosemary is very talented as she has trained 10 other young women to learn how to make a living through the hair business. The land on which Rosemary had her hair clinic sold and so she needed to relocate. She used all of her savings to relocate her shop and now needs a small loan to purchase hair supplies and products so she can continue to serve her clients.
NEED: A small loan to purchase hair products to supply her shop.
IMPACT: Provide for her family and the local ministry she is involved in and continue to serve her clients.
ONLY $1000 NEEDED to fund this project completely!

Veronica's Enterprise

Veronica Nyador is the wife of Eric Nyador, pastor of Good Shepherd Christian Church in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. Veronica and Eric have 5 children. To support her family Veronica has been trading in food products such as rice, yam, corn dough, cassava dough, fish of all kinds, meat, charcoal, tomato, okra, oil, peppers, plantain, beans, and many other foods. She was even able to support her husband when he was attending Ghana Christian University. She has been in business since 1980 but recently the business has slowed due to not having enough supplies to sell. Veronica needs a small loan to help her purchase goods in bulk which will help cut down on travel expenses and allow her to get her business running more successfully.
NEED: A small loan to help purchase goods in bulk.
IMPACT: Provide food for her community and income for her family so her husband can continue to evangelize.
ONLY $2500 NEEDED to fund this project completely!

God's Way Rentals

Wisdom Korsina began attending church when he was 15 years old. He was later baptized and felt a call to go into preaching and building the church. He graduated from Ghana Christian University with a degree in Theology in 2013. He has planted 2 churches including Kasseh Christian Church, where he currently preaches. Wisdom and his wife have three children and in order to continue in ministry they must have an additional source of income. They would like to start a canopy and chair rental business. They will begin with 6 canopies and 300 chairs to provide customers for celebrations and events.
NEED: A small loan to purchase 6 canopies and 300 chairs.
IMPACT: Provide for his family so he can continue to pastor at Kasseh Christian Church.
ONLY $3600 NEEDED to fund this project completely!

Mission Resource Field Representative

A full-time Ghanaian field rep to oversee the new and ongoing businesses. Other duties include prayer, mentoring, bookeeping and maintaining open lines of communication.
NEED: A $12,000 investment will fund the salary for 1 year.
IMPACT: The Ghanaian business owners will benefit through instruction of "best practice" business principles as well as in Kingdom principles.
ONLY $12000 NEEDED to fund this project completely!

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