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Mission Resource International exists to provide funding and training for Kingdom businesses in developing countries that impact lives and communities spiritually, economically, socially and environmentally.  We do this by providing small loans to business men and women in Ghana and Liberia, West Africa and Kenya, East Africa. 

Spiritually – God is working through business owners in Ghana as 1,618 decisions have been made for Christ and 2 churches have been planted due to the efforts and funds from Mission Resource loan recipients. 

Economically – In the past 14 years, 96 businesses have been funded in Ghana, 31 businesses in Kenya and 12 businesses in Liberia through Mission Resource loans resulting in hundreds of new jobs.  Many of these businesses have expanded and paid off their loans and are making a tremendous impact on the local community.

Socially – Those with Mission Resource loans support their own families and give benevolently to meet community and church needs.  These needs include paying medical bills and school fees for the very needy.

Environmentally – Mission Resource trains entrepreneurs to do environmentally friendly business.  Jared and Anna Odle are launching a sustainable produce farm utilizing hydroponics reducing the amount of land and water for growing vegetables. 

This kind of impact is only made possible through the blessings of God, the bold prayers of our prayer intercessors, the giving of our faithful financial partners and the leadership of our spirit led ministry team both in Ghana, Kenya and in the United States.  We are grateful and blessed by those who partner with Mission Resource International. 

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