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Emmanuel & Ernestina

Ghana, West Africa

Emmanuel Akorli has been with Mission Resource since 2004 serving as both Board Member and Field Representative.  He is a licensed accountant and works hard reviewing business plans for loan applicants, training loan applicants and loan beneficiaries in business management, record keeping, visiting loan beneficiaries to discuss their businesses and most importantly praying with them.  Ernestina is owner and director or Edinam Designs.  She received a small loan from Mission Resource years ago to buy a sewing machine and pay her apprenticeship fees.  Today, she has paid back the loan and makes one-of-a-kind purses, bags, hair accessories and aprons, among other items.  Hear their story and how they make and impact not only in their community but in the ministry of Mission Resource.

Ghana, West Africa - Emmanuel & Ernestina
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