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Thoughts from Mission Resource's Director and Founder, Dave Ketchum, and Communications Director, Steve Gross.

February 2023

I don’t know about you, but when February rolls around, I find myself in a spiritual struggle. On the one hand I recognize the necessity of being grateful for each day God gives. But on the other hand? I just want winter to be OVER.

So I am tempted to wish time away. Can we just skip ahead to spring?

The Apostle Paul had something to say about a proper attitude toward the time God gives us: “Look carefully how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil.” (Eph 5:15-16 ESV) The Lord would have us remember that, year-round, time is precious for believers because we are living in a broken world. As we have opportunity to do good, we must.

Thank you again for choosing to work through Mission Resource to minister amid the brokenness of these days, bringing the light of God’s love and compassion to brothers and sisters in Africa!

Speaking of Africa, would you pray with us for Dave Ketchum as he travels to Ghana this month? We are asking God to give Dave safe travels and productive times of fellowship with all the people who are near and dear to his heart … and God’s.

(I don’t suppose Dave will be too sad to miss a few weeks of Indiana winter!)

As always, thank you for your prayers and support.

In Christ,
Steve Gross

January 2023

As we start into a New Year, we continue to be so grateful for all your support of brothers and sisters in Ghana and elsewhere through Mission Resource.

Our Director in Ghana, Emmanuel, tells us he is glad 2022 is over! It was a year that saw steep and sudden inflation in Ghana. Emmanuel says 2022 was tougher than any of the pandemic years.

As you and I look at the New Year ahead, it is full of promise. But we also know there is one thing we can assume: just as there has been struggle in the past, there will be struggle ahead. The Apostle Paul encouraged his young friend, Timothy, to "Fight the good fight of the faith.”

That's quite the phrase when you stop to think about it: the good fight of the faith. The Greek word for fight here is agona, and it's where we get our English word "agony". Struggle is baked into our life and faith.

But thank God, while we assume there will be struggle, one thing we can count on in the New Year is this: the Lord will be with us. And He will provide for all our needs.

There’s one other thing we can be sure 2023 will bring: Mission Resource’s 20th Anniversary! Thank you for being an integral part of the life of this Kingdom work.

With Gratitude,

Steve Gross
Communications Director

December 2022

As 2022 draws to a close, it is natural to look back on all the blessings the past year brought. As always, your willingness to partner with Mission Resource in empowering the poor of Ghana is at the top of our list. The Kingdom of God grows ever stronger as together we minister to great spiritual, physical, and emotional needs.

Of those who have benefited from your generosity, so many experienced 2022 as a year of growth! They took significant steps in moving themselves and their families up and out of extreme poverty. And we praise God for that.

The end of a year also finds us looking forward to what comes next. You might have seen already that we are striving to raise $150,000 by December 31st to increase the revolving fund in Ghana. This represents about $50,000 over and above end-of-year gifts in recent years.

Why is this necessary?

On the downside, the extreme inflation rate in Ghana is effectively shrinking our loan fund. Ghana’s inflation is even more painful than what we are experiencing in the US. (Pray for all those who have no other way to combat the rising costs but by skipping meals.)

On the upside, the businesses we support are largely doing well and are weathering the poor economy for now. In fact, because they experience the power of loans to strengthen their incomes, the owners ask for bigger loans each year. This creates a challenge: if everyone asks for a bigger loan, the fund cannot accommodate all the requests unless it grows bigger also!

The future is in God’s hands and He will provide. We thank you for your love and concern for “the least of these” that has you on this journey with us. Merry Christmas!

With Gratitude,
Steve Gross
Communications Director

November 2022

Do you remember Bono, the lead singer for the band U2? The 1980s brought Bono and his music riches and fame. In the years since, he has dedicated his life to activism for the world’s poor, especially in Africa. 

Unfortunately, Bono’s main solution was to push for greater government aid and handouts. (Which can often do as much harm as good.) So it was surprising to see Bono admit in a recent interview with The New York Times that his eyes have been opened: 

“I ended up as an activist in a very different place from where I started. I thought that if we just redistributed resources, then we could solve every problem. I now know that’s not true. There’s a funny moment when you realize that as an activist: The off-ramp out of extreme poverty is, ugh, commerce, it’s entrepreneurial capitalism.” 

I am glad Bono has come around.  Mission Resource, however, was always ahead of him. (Without the “ugh”!) Next year will mark two decades of encouraging “entrepreneurial capitalism” in Africa for some of the world’s poorest people by providing the loans they need to build their businesses and their lives – to God’s glory.  

It struck me that what Bono had to say about capitalism could apply equally to Mission Resource’s ministry: 

 “If somebody comes to me with a better idea, I’ll sign up. I didn’t grow up to like the idea that we’ve made heroes out of businesspeople, but if you’re bringing jobs to a community and treating people well, then you are a hero. That’s where I’ve ended up.” 

Mission Resource is blessed with these type of heroes on both sides of the Atlantic: our faithful Ghanaian staff who do the legwork and our financial partners here in the States – like you - who make it possible! 

In Christ and for His Kingdom, 
Steve Gross , Communications Director 

P.S. I have so much I want to say about my recent trip to Ghana that I didn’t even attempt to sum it up here in a single letter. I will be posting photos and stories on social media in the coming weeks. Follow Mission Resource on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook (if you haven’t already) to see where your gifts are at work.  

October 2022

Author Jerome K. Jerome once wrote, “I like work: it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours.”

By God’s grace, I just wrapped up my first trip to Ghana. And it was fascinating in every respect, including Jerome’s. Unlike him, though, it bothered me a bit that I was constantly surrounded by people working so much harder than I was!

It wasn’t because I was being lazy. It is that survival is a powerful motivator.

And I – the relative slacker - even went so far as to interrupt their work, asking questions and taking pictures.

I interrupted fishermen, pepper farmers, traders, cooks, and hardware store owners. I asked them about their jobs and how early they started each morning and when their workday ended. I asked about their families. Sometimes I asked them what would happen if they didn’t have access to Mission Resource loans. The typical response to that question was a shake of the head and the words, “Big problem!”

Lack of access to affordable capital was the one thing that could slow or stop their hard work. And these folks can’t afford to slow down or stop. All along the way, as I met these Mission Resource clients, I was reminded that all of that hard work I was witnessing in Ghana was being empowered through your hard work. And your generosity.

On behalf of Ghana’s hard workers, we thank you!

In Christ,
Steve Gross, Communications Director

September 2022

Each month we say how much we appreciate you, our donors.  It’s true: Mission Resource would not exist without you.  Your gifts enable so many people in Ghana to have a better life and use their businesses to support their local churches.  

The situation in Ghana and other developing countries is not like here in the U.S., where there are more jobs than there are people willing to work. Ghana has very few work opportunities in factories, retail, or the hospitality industry. Furthermore, inflation and the relative strength of the US dollar are putting Ghana’s economy in a bind. This past January, $1 US would get 6.5 Ghanaian cedis. Now, you can exchange $1 for almost 10 cedis. And in Ghana there are no government programs to ease the suffering of those who cannot keep up with the inflation.  If there is a bright side here, it is this: the relative strength of the dollar means your gifts through Mission Resource are among the few things that can keep up!  

Between April and August this year, Mission Resource Ghana has provided 80 people the loans they need to start or grow family businesses.  Their names, their customs, and their opportunities are different from ours, but their dreams and desires are the same.  They want the best for their family.  They want their children to have a decent education. And they want to support their churches.  Just think, those 80 people have a real chance to fulfill those dreams because you cared.    

Let me close with an encouraging story. 32-year-old Aaron Boadi in Ghana received a loan to buy a large wooden boat with an outboard motor to ferry people and goods across Volta Lake.  I have ridden in these boats.  They are 75 feet long and can fit 100 people at a time.  Anyway, Aaron was so excited about the success of his business, he chose to donate a drum set to his home congregation, Makongo Christian Church.  This is an enormous gift, and something the congregation will cherish and use for years to come.  Let’s give God praise for Aaron and his Christ-like witness. 

Harvest Blessings,
David A. Ketchum, President

August 2022

Even though I am not with the kids and teachers heading back to school this month, I have been on a steep learning curve of my own! 

Ministry among the poor of this world is like so many other things in life: there are a million ways to do it wrong and a handful of ways to do it right. I joined the team here because I felt Mission Resource was doing it right. So I have spent the last few months asking Dave questions, watching him work, and reading everything I can get my hands on about meeting the financial needs of the poor. As I have been reading Banker to the Poor, Created to Flourish, and From Dependence to Dignity, I am more convinced than ever that Mission Resource has been ahead of the curve on effective approaches to ministry in the developing world since its founding almost 20 years ago.  In the next few weeks, God willing, I will get firsthand experience with our partners and clients in Ghana. I plan to bring back lots of stories and photos to share with you.  

Communicating Mission Resource’s victories and challenges is more important than ever. As Dave mentioned in the July Update, the pandemic has brought worldwide economic downturns. The need for extra financial support has grown among the ministries and businesses MRI supports in Africa.  

A case in point is Samaritan Radio. In its third year now, Samaritan is currently overcoming the odds. Many advertisers are no longer able to pay for spots and the station is facing rising costs all around. Still, they have been able to maintain payroll and keep broadcasting the Good News. And for that, they praise God. And so do we. 

Like Joseph who was able to supply the needs of God’s people during the lean years of famine, we hope to be used by God to continue to meet the growing needs on the mission field before us. It is only possible through the faithfulness and generosity of partners like you! Thank you! 

In Christ and For His Kingdom, 
Steve Gross , Communications Director 

July 2022

In July of 2020 I wrote that when the U.S. sneezes the rest of the world gets a cold. Currently, Ghana has a cold due to choices the United States has been making. As you know, here in the U.S. we are experiencing high inflation. But in Ghana, where the people we serve have even less ability to deal with higher costs, fuel is now about $6.65 per gallon according to my calculations. In addition to inflation issues, Ghana's government is increasing a couple of their taxes.  

If you think it is rough for American businesses and families, you can imagine how scary economic instability can be for our clients in Ghana. When profit margins are already so small, watching prices increase all around you is stressful. Please pray for all our brothers and sisters in Ghana as well as for the situation here at home.  

The partnership Mission Resource has with OrganiLock continues to progress. Scott Laskowski, the CEO and founder, has asked me to be on their Board of Directors. It means a lot. As I have said before, their product has the potential to transform the depleted soils of Africa and the world and to give a real organic alternative to the chemical fertilizers used in most commercial farming.  

Please put the Mission Resource Golf Classic on your calendars. It is Thursday, September 29th at Otter Creek. It is hard to believe, but this will be our 14th in memory of Earl Ketchum, my dad. It will be a wonderful opportunity to fellowship, play golf, and give to the vision of Mission Resource.

David A. Ketchum, President

June 2022

I love being outside. Summer is my favorite season, but I enjoy the outdoors any time. Creation is beautiful, isn't it? Just think all that we see, and experience is after the fall. It must have been incomprehensibly wonderful in the beginning. I expect it will be the same in heaven—on “The Other Side”. Mission Resource helps Christian brothers and sisters in developing nations generate their own paychecks. But our overriding purpose is to enable them to better share the gospel and the promise of heaven with their customers, vendors, and everyone in their path. It is because of your faithfulness and God’s grace that we are able to do it.  

On May 31st Mission Resource Ghana did have its court date about our Mission Center there. Once again, a judgment was postponed - this time until July 7th. The judge, however, did charge the plaintiff a fine for causing another delay. To us, the fine was not much, but it indicated that things might be trending in our favor. We do not understand the suit well. It appears we are sitting with all the marbles.  Please pray for this issue to be resolved. We desperately want to begin hosting you at the Mission Center. It will be an experience beyond your expectations! 

As we look ahead, please put Thursday, September 29th on your calendars! The Mission Resource Golf Classic will be held at Otter Creek once again. We will have a shotgun start after lunch and a short program. We pray for the kind of gorgeous fall day we often get. Experiencing the beauty of Otter Creek is a terrific way to usher in the change of seasons and enjoy God’s creation while also supporting our ongoing work. Only in America can one raise funds for charity while having an enjoyable day on the links! We hope to see you there.  

Summer Blessings,
David A. Ketchum, President

May 2022

April and September are big months for Mission Resource.  The last Thursday in April is the annual fundraising banquet, and the last Thursday in September is the annual golf classic in honor of Earl Ketchum, my dad.  Lots of preparation goes into planning each of these events.  I am so thankful for all the help Melissa Burton, our Office Manager, and Steve Gross really did much of the work.  After they are over, we always have a great sense of thankfulness and hope.  God’s grace is sufficient and bountiful! 

Last Thursday night, April 28th was a sensational evening of praise.   There was a powerful spirit in the room.  Tim Price and his daughter Ruby Price led us in singing and played instrumental music during the meal.  We were inspired by Scott Laskowski, Founder and President of Organilock, to begin improving the worlds soils with their Soil Rehab product.  Amazing results are being seen, and we pray we can get Organilock into the hands of farmers at the bottom of the economic pyramid to help improve yields.  Through the process, we will be able to share God’s design, creation, and LOVE. 

We are also thankful that the program was presented virtually.  Nearly an additional 100 people were viewing online.  It can still be viewed on Facebook, and soon it will be available to be seen at  Please consider taking the time to watch.  I truly believe it is worth your time. 

In HIS love,
David A. Ketchum, President

April 2022

We are certainly grateful for our donors and prayer warriors. As I have said before, our overseas mission partners along with you are the key. As you can imagine, COVID-19 brought several requirements that made travel difficult. Those are easing up now and we are looking forward to getting back to Ghana soon.

For nearly 20 years, I have written these monthly receipt/updates, and I am beginning to let others write them. It is not an easy thing for me to give up. In fact, I have shared multiple times that my writing you the note in them is a genuine connection and a prayer time. I hope you do not think that I no longer pray if I am not writing you the notes, but it is time I begin delegating some of the work.

I am enjoying Steve’s involvement and points of view. He brings the right skill sets and experience. He has a real understanding of small business as he grew up in a family-owned hardware store. He and his family lived and worked in Haiti for seven years, so he fully gets the dependency issues as well as the level of need and poverty. Steve is working on his Doctor of Ministry, so he is actively seeking God. He loves the creative side of life—art, writing, and photography, and he is a teacher at heart. Mission Resource is so grateful to have him on the team.

A couple prayer requests—First of all is for Steve to be able to make his first trip to Ghana in the next few months. He needs to meet Emmanuel and our clients. He needs to get a feel for the Ghanaian culture, which is similar in so many ways to Haiti. Secondly, I would like to ask for prayer for our upcoming fundraising banquet on Thursday, April 28th. Scott Laskowski with Organilock will be the speaker. He will share the vision of working with Mission Resource to get their amazing organic fertilizer into the depleted soils of West Africa and around the world to help the people living at the bottom of the pyramid to have abundant, nutritious food.

Blessings in Christ,
David A. Ketchum, President

March 2022

We at Mission Resource hope this letter finds you well. With any luck, you are enjoying a beautiful spring day. Even better: the renewed hope that spring always seems to inspire! Dave Ketchum gave me the opportunity to write this March update, but he didn’t know I was going to use it to talk about him. 😉

I first met Dave last August, the day before the start of a new semester. I was preparing to teach 8th Grade English. Dave and I had been part of the same church for years, but we had never formally met until he reached out to me by phone.

All he knew about me was that I was mission-minded. My wife and I had recently returned from Haiti, where we had worked for 7 years to build up a small Christian school. He thought I might be interested in what Mission Resource was all about. And I was!

I don’t know if you have ever had the awareness that you are experiencing a “divine appointment”. That is what I felt. I got to know Dave over the next few months. My respect for him - and his vision of how effective ministry should be done – grew each time we met.

In January, I left the classroom. And now I am thrilled to work alongside Dave and the other fine people of Mission Resource. I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for me and MRI in the coming months and years. 

I hope we have the opportunity to meet each other at the Mission Resource Spring Banquet. It's coming up on Thursday, April 28th! If you can’t be with us in person that evening at The Commons in Columbus, Indiana (from 6:30 to 8:30 pm), then please join us virtually! 

In Christ,
Steve Gross, Communications Director

February 2022

Mission Resource continues in ministry because of your faithful support! As indicated in the January Update, 2021 was our strongest year yet thanks to your generosity. We strive to be the best stewards of your financial support. No doubt, God has remarkable things in store for Mission Resource in 2022. I pray we get out from under the COVID-19 limitations and back to some sense of normalcy.

On January 23rd, Community Church of Columbus recognized Mission Resource during worship, allowing us to share an update. That gave me the distinct opportunity to introduce Steve Gross as a new staff member. We are excited beyond measure and look forward to the ways Steve will enhance the mission. 

Steve, his wife Melissa, and their four children were missionaries in Cap Haitian, Haiti for seven years. There they served at an English-speaking Christian school, adding a junior and senior high school to the existing elementary. 

Due to COVID-19 and other considerations, they returned to Indiana two years ago. Before joining MRI in January, Steve taught 8th grade English at Hauser Junior High. Melissa directs the education department of Clarity. (This is the same local ministry where my wife Sue works.)

Steve brings lots of creativity, energy, and love of writing to Mission Resource.  He also brings with him a deep familiarity with the challenges of life in the developing world. He knows the hurdles faced by people in impoverished nations like Haiti and Ghana, struggling to put food on the table and pay their children’s school fees. 

Steve grew up in Shelbyville, Indiana, and graduated from Wabash College. Later he earned a Master of Divinity from Asbury Seminary. He is currently working on a Doctorate of Ministry through Wesley Biblical Seminary. 

We look forward to seeing the ways Mission Resource will grow with Steve’s involvement.  ALSO, please mark your calendar for our Spring Fundraising Banquet, Thursday, April 28, 2022 – you can attend LIVE or virtually. You won’t want to miss this!!!

David A. Ketchum, President

January 2022

I trust you had an enjoyable Christmas and are ready to tackle 2022. Thanks to you, our devoted donors, on multiple levels, 2021 was a banner year with revenue up approximately 5%. Without the final numbers tabulated, it appears we surpassed the $300,000 mark. PTL!!!

As you know, I was able to be in Ghana and walk our beloved Ernestina down the aisle on December 11th. It was not only a lovely day and a beyond lovely bride, but it was one of the great gifts and surprises of my life. Who would think that a father of an only son would ever have such an opportunity?

All the other reasons for my being there proved quite productive as well. The 5400 pounds of the Organilock ReHab organic soil amendment arrived prior to my getting there. We were able to begin the process of registering it with the Ghana government, which they estimate will take between one and three months. We initiated a couple pilot farms and gardens, but we were cautioned not do too much since it is not an approved product at this point. Secondly, we began an aggressive marketing program for the Kaaka organic ginger powder and put staff in place to see that business develop.

Mission Resource Ghana ended 2021 in great shape once again. In fact, not only did we cover our expenses, but added $25,000 to the revolving loan fund. Most of the people receiving the loans fully grasp the value of their timely repayment for others to receive a similar opportunity.

We pray 2022 will allow more people to receive loans and get meaningful jobs while God is glorified, and Jesus Christ is proclaimed as Lord and Savior.

New Year Blessings,
David A. Ketchum, President

December 2021

Mission Resource cannot tell you how grateful we are for you. We had the greatest Giving Tuesday ever. We exceeded our goal of $16,000 by over $5,000. I was sharing with someone our humble beginnings when Sue and I could not afford to repair our van. Fortunately, after a few weeks, a friend came to our rescue. Today, nearly 20 years later, hundreds if not thousands of people have been impacted because of your faithful support.

Emmanuel writes in this report, please read, and consider the magnitude. Yes, we can send money and stuff to people in need, but those things are immediately eaten up and dependency is created. Believe me, I am not talking about needed relief. But Mission Resource is doing all it can to create genuine hope in Jesus and dignity through honest work and through Kingdom-minded businesses.


In all things and at all times, our God is good. May his mercies endure forever. He led us to start Mission Resource and He has been with us through all times and continues to bless us in all our dealings. Mission Resource could not continue to exist without Him, and so we could not have been a blessing to all the people Mission Resource has supported to date. May He bless us all now and forever.


In November 2021, we received GHC 125,749.00 ($ 21,028.00) from our clients in loan payments. We also received five thousand dollars from Mission Resource International.

“Praise the Lord, all nations! Extol Him, all peoples! For great is His steadfast love toward us, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever. Praise the Lord!” – Psalm 117 Let every heart rejoice.

CHRISTmas Blessings,
David A. Ketchum, President

November 2021

Even with all the STUFF we have been through the past 20 plus months, it seems to me this year has gone quickly. Once it was explained to me that as years become a smaller percentage of your life, they are much quicker. Not sure that makes total sense, but in my case for instance 1/69th is a lesser fraction than 1/25th if the denominator represents a year. Anyway, I thought I would share with you, our donors, not only a special thanks for your support and prayers, but this great bit of wisdom.

Speaking of how time flies, Sue and I will be celebrating 46 years of marriage on November 29th. Melissa Burton, our terrific administrative assistant, will share 25 years of marriage with Bill on November 30th. This special relationship, ordained in scripture seems especially important as our beloved Ernestina Adzimah will marry George Klutse on December 11th. Since she considers me her adopted daddy in Christ, and I consider her my adopted Ghanaian daughter in Christ. I plan to attend the wedding and be there for the celebration. Since I have not travelled to Ghana since last year, I have lots of catching up to do. Pray that the travel will go smoothly and be productive. Please also, pray that I will honor the Ghanaian customs and represent Christ and Mission Resource in the process. Ghana is a country with lots of amazing culture and traditions that will be evident, and I certainly want to be the proper guest and show Ernestina and George the utmost respect and love.

In conclusion, I want to thank everyone who played in and were sponsors for our 13th Annual Golf Classic. THANK YOU! Secondly, I want to remind everyone that Giving Tuesday is November 30th. We currently have up to $16,000 in matching funds. We pray that you will help us meet the match as we have done the last 3 years in a row.

Harvest Blessings,
David A. Ketchum, President

October 2021

AN UPDATE FROM MISSION RESOURCE, GHANA (We are honored to share Mission Resource Ghana’s GREAT NEWS. PLEASE help us continue to help them.)

We thank God for our lives as staff, donors, other supporters, and our partners in the loan program. The year 2021 has seen increases in loan recovery month after month except May.

This is an indication of God’s blessings in the life of our business partners and Mission Resource as an organization.

We cannot achieve this without you donors giving us the funding and praying for us as well as encouraging us to work harder.

We appreciate your support and say God bless you all.


In September 2021, we received GHC 124,722.00 ($ 20,857.00) from our clients in loan payment. We also received $8,015.00 from Mission Resource International. (Notice, the exchange rate is approximately 6:1)

We granted the funds out as follows; (36 people received funding ranging from $150 to $6666). These are all people just like us with families who are trying to make a living, support their families, and serve our Lord and Savior.

1 Evelyn Avornyo - GHC 2,000.00
2 Josephine Amenor - GHC 2,000.00
3 Irene Ametsikor - GHC 2,000.00
4 Martha Ametsikor - GHC 500.00
5 Elizabeth Domee - GHC 2,000
6 Lydia Agbeyome - GHC 2000
7 Victoria Boye - GHC 1000
8 Rachel Boye - GHC 2000
9 Beauty Boye - GHC 2000
10 Yoyce Ametsikor - GHC 2000
11 Happy Ametsikor - GHC 2000
12 Christina Yaka - GHC 2000
13 Delalia Agudey - GHC 2000
14 Olivia Ababla - GHC 2000
15 Victoria Ahadzie - GHC 1000
16 Eva Honyawa - GHC 1000
17 Dora Kedzi - GHC 500
18 Diana Sosoo - GHC 500
19 Grace Adablah - GHC 300
20 Savana Nartey - GHC 1000
21 Joseph Fiador - GHC 2000
22 Esther Aitey - GHC 2000
23 Emmanuel Kpogo - GHC 1000
24 Vivian Gbeve - GHC 1000
25 Mary Adonu - GHC 1500
26 Patience Boye - GHC 2000
27 Francis Agordzo - GHC 2000
28 Agartha Abotsi - GHC 2000
29 John Tordzro - GHC 7000
30 Joseph Ayenor - GHC 39000
31 Juliana Ohene Akuffo - GHC 40000
32 Samuel Kwabena - GHC 10000
33 Ama Frimpong - GHC 10000
34 Prince Adunar - GHC 10000
35 Lucia Amedagbe - GHC 2000
36 Lucia Amedagbe - GHC 2000

TOTAL GHC 162,300.00

Harvest Blessings,
David A. Ketchum, President

September 2021

We are so thankful for your support in allowing Mission Resource to continue walking in faith and grace.  Without it, we could not be giving hope and a means for people to earn a livelihood and share the gospel.

Living in dependence on God and making decisions daily that move an organization or business forward seems to be contradictory.  As “modern” men and women, we are encouraged to “do it my way.”  We are taught as well that if cannot be scientifically proven, it does not exist.  As Christians we are frequently reminded that GOD IS IN CONTROL.  He sees the minute areas of our lives, as well as every life in the world AND the global issues we are bombarded with daily.

Here are a couple of things I want to share—one from my Bible reading this morning and the other from one of my favorite devotionals.  In Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling for September 2nd, she shares the “glorious adventure of living in dependence on God.”  Your whole perspective changes as you see God’s miracles taking place around you.  In Genesis 22, Abraham has his arm “staid” as he willingly and obediently is ready to plunge his knife into Isaac because God told him to.  What a dilemma! God had, also told him through Isaac, his family would become like the sands of the sea and be blessed.

The only way to walk in dependence and live the adventure and to make Godly decisions is through prayer, listening to the Holy Spirit, and being obedient, no matter what.  “Now I know how fearlessly you fear God” is why.  Are we living in this adventure of dependence?  Are we listening to God’s still small voice?  Are we living in fear of our all-knowing righteous God?

Harvest Blessings,
David A. Ketchum, President

August 2021

With our precious donors and prayer warriors, Mission Resource International continues to empower, equip, and encourage Ghanaians, Liberians, and Kenyans. Mission Resource Ghana gave out 33 loans totaling approximately $18,000 just in the month of July. The revolving loan fund is certainly working.

Conrad Swartzentruber went to Ghana on our behalf and returned on July 30th. His primary role was to assess the Kaaka Organic Ginger project. He returned excited and suggested we move forward. The process has taken much longer than anticipated, but the factory is ready to begin production. They have received FDA approval. The key will be the marketing and sales to see if the pilot program proves to be correct. Sales are approved only for the Ghanaian market, but the goal is to get international approval and to begin selling outside Ghana as well. Who knows, one day you might be purchasing ginger powder grown in Ghana. This week I will be wiring an additional $11,000 for start-up costs.

I do not want to sound like a broken record, but September 30th is the 13th Annual Mission Resource Golf Classic, which will be held at Otter Creek Golf Course in memory of my dad, Earl. Last year we had 92 golfers. Wouldn’t it be great to get to 100 or more this year? Please, consider being a sponsor and/or playing. Registration is open! Go to to do so.

Lots of things are on the plate for future development. Please be in prayer for all the balls we have in the air.

David A. Ketchum, President

July 2021

Mission Resource is an organization that believes in abundance. As it states in John 10:10 "I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." "More abundantly" means to have a superabundance of a thing. "Abundant life" refers to life in its abounding fullness of joy and strength for spirit, soul, and body. Mission Resource is also an organization that greatly desires to be a catalyst for positive change.

So much of the world, and even here in the United States, people struggle to get good food. Many urban areas are considered “food deserts”. One key ingredient in having good food is having good soil. In West Africa, much of the soil is depleted. Over the last several years, we have explored utilizing biochar, a charcoal material derived by gasifying organic waste material creating a soil amendment to enhance these depleted soils.

Mission Resource is partnering with Organilock in Madisonville, Kentucky, in this endeavor. I realize that making statements like the one above sounds a bit arrogant or outrageous, but I believe God will provide a means to creating abundance through this soil amendment for much of the world. Please consider adding this to your prayer list. I understand that putting a link in a snail mail letter is not too effective, but please consider copying this and listening to the podcast and hear the vision, how and why. This update/receipt is under the Director’s Notes on the website and may be an easier way to access the link.

June 2021

Mission Resource continues to support our partners in Ghana, Kenya, and Liberia thanks to your generosity and prayers.

When I think of June, I think of new beginnings…Graduation from High School; Graduation from College; Weddings; and even Father’s Day. These new beginnings give us Hope. Scripture names Hope as one of the Three Great Forces of human existence:

“Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love” 1 Corinthians 13:13.

By saying they last forever, God names these three as immortal powers. A life without faith has no meaning; a life without love isn’t worth living; a life without hope is a dark cavern from which you cannot escape. These things aren’t simply “virtues.” Faith, hope, and love are mighty forces meant to carry your life forward, upward; they are your wings and the strength to use them.

With Hope and the support from our donors, Mission Resource continue to demonstrate practical love for people by helping them with loans to put them into employment for the purpose of earning their living at one hand and for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ on the other hand.

Our Faith carries us when we “can’t see the forest for the trees.” We have lots of work before us and ask that you lift Mission Resource and our work in your prayers. Pray for God’s continued favor and protection; pray as the work continues the Mission Center in Ghana…we want the green light to finish this beautiful Center; pray for God’s will upon our lives; our Country; and our Work.

May 2021

May! Even with all that we have been and are going through, this year is flying by. Thanks to all of you, Mission Resource is hanging in there. We concluded our 2021 Virtual Banquet on Thursday night April 29th. If you were not able to participate live, you can still view it on the Mission Resource Facebook page. Emily Sparling does a tremendous job in telling her story as a champion of working in Ghana with Edinam Design. You are allowing us to help so many people.

At the end of April, I had the joy of hauling five tons of organic fertilizer/soil amendment to two farms who are putting it on their crops as a test. One farm is in central Illinois and growing organic popcorn. The other is in the Columbus area putting it on a five-acre seed corn plot. We have an additional opportunity to see how it does on turf at a local golf course. We are partnering with Organilock in Madisonville, Kentucky and cannot wait to see how it improves things.

The Organilock product utilizes biochar made from wood waste and other organic materials. It is currently patent pending. In earlier experiments the growth of microbes increased dramatically, and yields improved as well. The potential to improve soil is huge. Obviously, the reason we are looking into this, is our desire to improve the depleted soils of West Africa and around the world. In another small experiment in Haiti, the initial results are huge. It is being used to grow sweet potatoes. The Haitians doing it say nothing grows in their area this time a year, and they cannot believe their eyes as the young plants have just “taken off.”

Thanks so much for your prayers and support. We are a small organization, but we still have great hope in God that he will continue to use us to improve lives and move His kingdom forward.

April 2021

Tomorrow is Good Friday. Sunday is the blessed day of Jesus’s resurrection—EASTER SUNDAY! The trees are blooming here in Indiana. The daffodils are out. Spring and New Life are spectacularly evident everywhere. There is renewed hope that the pandemic is waning, and people are receiving the injection, but as written in Acts 4:19-20, Jesus Christ and his resurrection is our genuine HOPE.
"Whether it is right in God's eyes to listen to you rather than to God, you decide. As for us, there's no question—we can't keep quiet about what we've seen and heard." That same phrase needs to be our clarion call!
On April 29th at 7pm is the Mission Resource Virtual Banquet. We will get to hear the story of Hope shared by Emily Sparling about her experience as a champion and business partner of Edinam Design. I will be giving a short update as well. Ryan Bodine will share his involvement and do the “ask”. Mission Resource is all about earthly Hope through Christ-centered capitalism. Our vision gives the opportunity to improve lives and be a catalyst for discipleship lived out in the marketplace. Please consider participating! Registration will be required. After registering, you will receive the link via email.
After holding in person banquets, which we pray will happen once again, we will play the hand we have and be strictly virtual. We, however, cannot keep quiet about Jesus Christ and His reality as we share Him here and around the world.
Your prayers and donations along with God’s grace for all of us allows Mission Resource to continue.

May 2021

May! Even with all that we have been and are going through, this year is flying by. Thanks to all of you, Mission Resource is hanging in there. We concluded our 2021 Virtual Banquet on Thursday night April 29th. If you were not able to participate live, you can still view it on the Mission Resource Facebook page. Emily Sparling does a tremendous job in telling her story as a champion of working in Ghana with Edinam Design. You are allowing us to help so many people.

At the end of April, I had the joy of hauling five tons of organic fertilizer/soil amendment to two farms who are putting it on their crops as a test. One farm is in central Illinois and growing organic popcorn. The other is in the Columbus area putting it on a five-acre seed corn plot. We have an additional opportunity to see how it does on turf at a local golf course. We are partnering with Organilock in Madisonville, Kentucky and cannot wait to see how it improves things.

The Organilock product utilizes biochar made from wood waste and other organic materials. It is currently patent pending. In earlier experiments the growth of microbes increased dramatically, and yields improved as well. The potential to improve soil is huge. Obviously, the reason we are looking into this, is our desire to improve the depleted soils of West Africa and around the world. In another small experiment in Haiti, the initial results are huge. It is being used to grow sweet potatoes. The Haitians doing it say nothing grows in their area this time a year, and they cannot believe their eyes as the young plants have just “taken off.”

Thanks so much for your prayers and support. We are a small organization, but we still have great hope in God that he will continue to use us to improve lives and move His kingdom forward.

March 2021

It is hard to believe spring is just around the corner. The ice and snow have melted, and the golf course is calling some of us. As I indicated in the last couple of receipt/updates, I have felt a real heaviness about the state of our country. The blossoms of spring and new life beckon us, however. We must focus on God’s truth and remember He sees all and is in control.

Let me, once again, reiterate, if there was no spiritual benefit to doing business, I would not encourage it. Ethics and morality are the cornerstone of democracy and capitalism. Otherwise, greed, pride and corruption are the results. So often, affluenza is nearly as big a problem as poverty.

Poverty, on the other hand, limits options and puts people in a vulnerable and impossible positions that often cause them to not be able to see beyond today. Giving hope and opportunity to see the TRUTH of the Gospel and Jesus’s reality is the reason for our existence. We not only believe it is one of the best ways to improve lives and share the gospel, but through the years, it has been proven. Through Mission Resource Dzetorkoe Christian Church was planted the first week of 2021, and several people have been baptized. PTL!

On April 29th at 7 p.m., Mission Resource will have its second an
nual virtual banquet. We are honored to announce Emily Sparling as our speaker. Emily is currently in Ghana working with Ernestina/ Edinam Design empowering more women to help produce beautiful batik garments, bags, and accessories. Emily will share her experience as a Champion for Edinam as well as the Mission Resource vision of empowerment and growing God’s Kingdom through enterprise.

In HIS love,

David A. Ketchum

February 2021

Each month I thank you and tell you how appreciative we are. This month is no different. However, I personally feel like I am seeing enormous obstacles on the horizon; not necessarily obstacles for Mission Resource, but cultural, economic, spiritual, and political ones that we all might be seeing.
Several years ago, a close friend gave me a copy of Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. I read it regularly, but the last few years I just pick it up periodically. Thinking that I am not the only one feeling this way, I want to share what Sarah wrote on February 1st. She writes in the first person as if God is writing. Some of you might find it arrogant, but I have found what she writes to be quite on target and comforting. She gives a scripture reference or references for each day.
FOLLOW ME ONE STEP AT A TIME. That is all I require of you. In fact, that is the only way to move through this space/time world. You see huge mountains looming, and you start wondering how you are going to scale those heights. Meanwhile, because you are not looking where you are going, you stumble on the easy path where I am leading you now. As I help you get back on your feet, you tell Me how worried you are about the cliffs up ahead. But you do not know what will happen today, much less tomorrow. Our path may take an abrupt turn, leading you away from those mountains. There may be an easier way up the mountains than is visible from this distance. If I do lead you up the cliffs, I will equip you thoroughly for that strenuous climb. I will even give My angels charge over you, to preserve you in all your ways. Keep your mind on the present journey, enjoying My Presence.
Walk by faith, not by sight, trusting Me to open the way before you.
References: Psalm 18:29, Psalm 91:11-12, 2 Corinthians 5:7
This month’s update/receipt is much different, but I trust you will find comfort in it.
In HIS Love,

David A. Ketchum

January 2021

Mission Resource could not be more appreciative of the donor support received beginning Giving Tuesday through the end of the year. We are so grateful to be blessed with you, our donors’ generosity. We understand how many great ministries are out there doing amazing work to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ. We certainly do not take that lightly!!!!

The level of uncertainty in our Country and world is certainly unparalleled from my perspective. I think one of the reasons I have waited 10 days to write this, is I felt if I waited, I might have more insight. BUT that is not the case. In my 68 years I have never felt like I feel.

With the great year end giving, we will be able to empower the loan fund in Ghana. The Kasseh Christian Church planted a new daughter church the first Sunday of the year. Emmanuel is optimistic that many new loans will be made as he has empowered 3 others to begin making loans in their geographic areas. All three have been excellent managers in their own rights and are pastors we have known and worked with for years. Ernest, the pastor at Akplale Christian Church shared with Emmanuel he baptized seven people already this year. The loans he is making is helping his church on multiple spiritual levels.

Our eyes need to be on Jesus and not upon our political situation. Understandably, that is sometimes easier said than done. We need to rest in Him and in Him alone.

Just by HIS Grace,

David A. Ketchum

December 2020

Man, what a year we have endured. But God is faithful, and we have lived through it. A dear friend who recently was discharged from the hospital shared with me that “he wants the serum and is ready for 2020 to be over.” We must be reminded that God is aware and is still in charge.
I am glad I was able to be in Ghana in March even though I had to come home on a U.S. State Department flight after being in limbo and stuck there for a few extra days. Ghana as well as the rest of the world was locked down. Even though the borders have opened, the schools are still closed, and many of our businesses have suffered. Mission Resource has made loans to several private Christian Schools that have done great with their repayments until COVID-19. Our prayer is that they will come back stronger than ever. Another segment that was hit hard were the taxis and Tro Tros, vans that transport people around the country and from the boarders. We had many of them in the loan fund as well. As I mentioned earlier, approximately $25,000 from these two segments is at risk.
We in America take so many things for granted. Most of us have insurance. Most of us have a little money set aside for emergencies. Our government has safety nets in place for many unexpected circumstances and illnesses. In fact, all of us received a stimulus check. None of that exists there. If you do not have the cash and cannot raise it from your relatives and neighbors, you are down the tube. Thus, the reason we began Mission Resource. Give them the opportunity to better their lives through business. I have to say, if it meant eating my inventory to support my family or not paying my loan on time, I would choose to support my family.
None of this deters our vision. We have seen amazing successes through the years and look to God for many, many more. We appreciate your trust in us and know that God is the giver of all—not only salvation, but breath itself.

CHRISTmas Blessings,

David A. Ketchum

November 2020

“Prayer is the key for those who believe and trust in the Lord.

By the end of the first quarter of 2020, most of us thought we would be wiped away
from the surface of this earth. We were full of fear and anxiety. We did not want to go near anyone, let alone shake hands with friends which used to be Ghanaian culture.
In some instances, some pastors were trying to prove that it was going to be the end of the world.

Yet, when prayers were offered to our Creator, He answered. Today, we all have life, and it is appearing as if COVID-19 never existed. People are beginning to return to business as usual with most of the people ignoring protocols that have been put in place by our government.

It all happened because God loves us and we can only continue to praise, honor, and do HIS will. Glory be to his Name.” Emmanuel Akorli

December 1st is Giving Tuesday. Last year, we were able to match gifts up to $11000. This year we have matching gifts up to $14,000.00. Last year $26,435.68 was raised. This year we hope to at least meet our match. COVID-19 has put approximately $25,000.00 of our loan fund at risk in Ghana. Please help us replenish the fund.

David A. Ketchum

October 2020

Once again, we thank our donors, especially the donors who played in our Golf Classic. On Thursday, September 24, 2020, our 12th annual tournament was held at Otter Creek Golf Course with our largest field ever. 88 golfers competed on simply a spectacularly beautiful autumn day.

Stephen Ayree spoke at our lunch at the Golf Classic. He mentioned how the vision of Mission Resource is different in that our efforts are to help the Kingdom of God grow through investing in Christian businesses. He stated that there will always be a need for emergency relief efforts when natural disasters hit, etc., but so often organizations who give past the emergency need create issues of dependency. Whereas Mission Resource is investing in the long-term—investing so our African Brothers and Sisters can take care of their daily needs and give to their local congregation and share the love of Christ with their customers. One of the goals often discussed is to have more African missionaries on the field who are supported by African congregations.

Emmanuel in his September Prayer News shared “that many of the things God has done for us, most of which we are not aware of. And so often even when we are aware of them, we do not take the time to thank Him for them.” SO TRUE!!!!! GOD PLEASE FORGIVE US, we the most blessed generation ever to live. Emmanuel also asked for prayer. Even though many of our clients are recovering from the impact of COVID 19, some are still struggling to make their loan payments.

As November 3rd approaches, we want to mention the need for prayer for the upcoming United States election, but not only pray for our election, but the one to be held in Ghana on December 7th. Both are highly contentious as well. We pray both countries have a smooth transition of power. The United States has set the standard for the world in this, and Ghana has set the standard for Sub-Saharan Africa as well.

David A. Ketchum

September 2020

Mission Resource is so thankful for continuity. We thank the source of that continuity, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We are blessed with great continuity in our staff here and overseas as well as with you our donors.

As many of you know, Kelly Hoover came back to work for Mission Resource when Abby Glasser left a year ago. We knew she would need to find full time work once Sam, her youngest, graduated from High School. Well, that happened, and Kelly has continued to fulfill her role with Mission Resource through the summer while working at her other position. During the year, Kelly has been so helpful. She researched donor software and implemented a better less expensive system. She helped organize our first virtual banquet and has done whatever was needed to keep us humming. We are transitioning as Melissa Burton has joined us and is in training with Kelly. Both Kelly and Abby have done an excellent job in organizing and keeping great files on how we do each aspect of the ministry. Therefore, the transition should be virtually seamless. Melissa comes to Mission Resource from the Christian Radio Ministry in Columbus where she worked the last 10 years. She loves the Lord and comes with a genuine heart for ministry. We are so happy to welcome Melissa and look forward to see how God uses her. Many of you will get the chance to meet her at our 12th Annual Golf Classic at Otter Creek on September 24th.

The reports from Mission Resource Ghana, Liberia, and Kenya, are all upbeat. The airports are opening and the restrictions are being lifted. Ask and it shall be given, says the Bible. Nothing that God promises us fails. “We have asked for his mercies over the COVID 19 pandemic and the good signs are showing up that He is healing our country and the world as a whole from the virus. May His grace be plentiful over us.” Emmanuel Akorli, Mission Resource Ghana


David A. Ketchum

August 2020

Once again, I want to share from Emmanuel’s monthly report for Mission Resource Ghana. Your prayers and gifts have allowed him to write the following:

PRAISE GOD FOR THE IMPACTS MISSION RESOURCE IS MAKING IN THE KINGDOM THROUGH BUSINESSES. The purpose for which Mission Resource came into existence is to make impact in the spread of the Gospel through businesses. Our relationship and training we give to our clients have a lot of emphasis about how they impact on others and the kingdom through their businesses. We can praise God for two churches that have been started through the loans. Though one is closed as a result of the passing away of the leader, the other is very strong with over 100 membership and baptizing over 200 souls.

Many of the business owners we support share the gospel with their customers, supplier, and employees, and some people have come to Christ through this. We have some of our beneficiaries who have used a lot of their business profits to glorify God in several ways such as:

a. Construction of church buildings.
b. Buying church instruments.
c. Holding crusade to win souls.
d. Supporting the education of needy church members.
e. Paying for hospital bills for aged poor people.

They have made significant impacts on people and the kingdom for which we can all thank God. Beyond this, several people have been helped to have their own jobs instead of looking for non-existing jobs.

As life on this earth continues, although in a way different for all of us, I want to encourage us all to be more cognizant than ever of those around us who need Jesus. Sometimes I find myself complacent. Let’s all rest in Him, but not “grow weary of sharing the Good News we have in Him.”

David A. Ketchum

July 2020

What a weird year! Thanks to you, our finances are still strong, and our ability to grant funds to our partners in Ghana, Liberia, and Kenya continues. Please pray for the businesses Mission Resource works with. The old saying that when the “U.S. sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold” certainly is true during COVID 19. In Ghana our clients who own taxis and vans have been especially hurt. We, also, have several clients who operate private schools. They, too, are experiencing hardship. With schools closed, there is no revenue. Unlike the U.S. government that has given out funds and made low interest loans available, Ghana and the developing world has done no such thing.

​I know I have mentioned this often, but I want to say how thankful I am that Mission Resource invested in Samaritan FM 88.3. It recently blessed its listenership with a program on finances with tips on borrowing and lending. The Mission Center is now plastered inside and outside. The next steps are to put in the windows and outside doors. It is probable that it will open in 2020. The issue now is whether or not the Ghanaian airport will reopen in 2020, and whether or not it will be safe to resume international travel.

​Kelly has decided she can no longer remain working for Mission Resource. She has been exceptional, just like she was when she worked for us before. She stepped in when Abby left and really kept things moving forward at a high level. She evaluated new donor software and instituted our use of Little Green Light, which has saved us a lot of money and is a more efficient way to keep track and to integrate it into our different fundraising platforms. Please pray for the right person to fill this role.

David A. Ketchum

Mission Resource continues to support our partners in Ghana, Kenya, and Liberia thanks to your

June 2020

Mission Resource continues to support our partners in Ghana, Kenya, and Liberia thanks to your generosity and prayers. The following is a quote from Emmanuel Akorli who is our field secretary and Secretary of our Mission Resource Board of Directors. It is apparent that the pandemic is making it quite difficult for people to operate their businesses. So, please consider taking the time to pray additionally for not only the millions who are suffering here in the U.S., but for our partners in Africa who live at the bottom of the economic pyramid.

“We can all be grateful to God that he has given us life through the first five months of the year 2020. The times are not normal with us in terms of health, social life, financial life etc mainly due to the COVID 19, yet, we have hope and belief our God who holds all powers will continue to protect and takes us through.

With the support from our donors, Mission Resource continue to demonstrate practical love for people by helping them with loans to put them into employment for the purpose of earning their living at one hand and for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ on the other hand. We pray that these businesses would be able to survive through the COVID 19 periods to become major source of mission funding someday.”

On a positive note, work continues on the Mission Center in Ghana. The electrical conduit has been installed and the plastering both inside and out is underway. We praise God for this and pray the center will begin hosting visitors by the end of the year, especially if the airport in Ghana reopens to international passenger traffic. Please pray, in addition, for the right person or couple to become the managers of the center.

David A. Ketchum

May 2020

First of all, I want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who participated in the First Annual Mission Resource “virtual banquet”. I believe, even though we had a little glitch at the end, it was a great success. We had people streaming from all over the country and even in other countries, and historically, that was out of the realm of possibility. With that being said, I would hope we will have a virtual banquet that coincides with our physical banquet in the future. Only God knows that one.

​One of the things that has changed in my life is I have been taking walks multiple times a week since my return. It has really opened my eyes to how small the world becomes. One cannot go very far by walking. In Ghana and in the two-thirds world, there are small congregations scattered throughout the neighborhoods, villages and cities. Now I get it more than ever. When you are dressed up in your Sunday clothes, and it is your day of rest from the week of work, you do not want to walk a long way to church. You do not want to pay to get on public transportation. You just want to worship with your neighbors close by. I truly get it.

At the conclusion of the “virtual banquet” we shared a link to Morgan Murdock’s video about the Mission Center. Please take a couple minutes, watch it, and share it with your friends. Our goal is to have it completed in 2020. The Mission Center will help Mission Resource be even a better link to Ghana and the rest of Africa.

David A. Ketchum

April 2020

You continue to support the work of Mission Resource and allow me to lead the work that is truly making a difference in hundreds of lives. At the beginning of April, I returned from Ghana on a U.S. State Department sponsored repatriation flight, just one night before the President of Ghana closed their airport to passenger traffic for 14 days. Needless to say, there were a handful of days of uncertainty.

The trip seemed extremely productive. I was able to physically walk through the Mission Center and see it first hand for the first time. It will be a tremendous asset and means forward.

I was able to meet many of our new clients, pray with them, and encourage them. Over the last few months, we have empowered a couple pastors to administer loans in their rural areas. So, probably the highlight of the trip was going to a few villages in the southern part of the Volta Region to meet them. It was so neat to see their smiles and gratefulness. These small loans are giving them hope and a means to support their family and their congregation. It is real HOPE!

David A. Ketchum

March 2020

Your support helped Mission Resource have its best year yet. Over 50 percent of all income to us went toward direct support of our projects in Ghana, Kenya, and Liberia. We are so thankful and grateful for our partners who are excellent stewards of the funds given. Emmanuel Akorli in Ghana, Peter Mulwale in Kenya, and Sei Buor in Liberia are all men of integrity and faithful followers of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

As I indicated in the February letter, my plan was to be in Ghana at the end of the month. God evidently had other plans. My Ghana Visa did not arrive on time to make that trip. In fact, it arrived 10 days later. That caused me not to be able to go to Liberia, and be there for Edinam Designs, Ernestina’s business, to ship her largest order to date.

One thing I feel certain of is that the level of uncertainty on every level is higher than at any time in my life—politically, economically, and culturally. The only solution is for us to be in prayer and not allow the uncertainty to paralyze us. One of my friend’s grandpa was a painter. He often said that there were many houses that were not painted due to a chance of rain.

Remember, the Mission Resource banquet is Thursday evening April 30th. We’d love for you to join us.

David A. Ketchum

February 2020

You simply cannot imagine the thrill I get when I see new photos and videos every few days of the Mission Center that is really coming along in Ghana. You are providing the funds for it to happen. Imagine the people, some within a few months, and others beyond our lifetime who will get to experience Ghana and beyond because of this facility. Our prayer is that this God-given vision is preserved and taken from Ghana to other African countries and to many other countries in the world. I look forward to sharing pictures and videos at our banquet in April.

One of the businesses I am truly excited to see develop is Kaaka Organic Ginger Powder. One of the best places to grow ginger is in the northern Volta Region of Ghana because of the abundance of rain. Ginger has been grown there for generations. Iddi Issifu has been faithfully putting together his business plan. He began by selling whole ginger he purchased and transported to the southern part of the country to sell. After experimenting with drying it, he decided it made more sense to sell ginger powder. It has a longer shelf life. It is easier to transport. It has an international market. Over the last several months, Mission Resource has helped him purchase a slicer and grinder to get him started. I look forward to visiting Iddi on my next trip to Ghana at the end of this month.

Save the Date! Please consider putting Thursday, April 30th on your calendar for the upcoming 2020 Banquet.

David A. Ketchum

January 2020

2020. It does not sound that unusual to me since that was my and my parents’ address for over 50 years. But, 2020 the year does seem nearly beyond comprehension, especially to us baby-boomers who think 2000, the new century, was just yesterday. That being said, you have allowed Mission Resource to continue to thrive and enhance Africans lives along with their proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We begin January with fervent faith that the Mission Resource vision will continue to impact our African partners as well as our U.S. partners who support it. Construction will begin again this month on the Mission Center with the dream of getting the roof done in the first quarter. Perhaps the first mission group will be able to stay in it before the year concludes.

Please pray for the right people to come forward to be the caretakers of the Mission Center, Americans and Ghanaians. Morgan Murdock is preparing a brand new video that explains the vision and shows the progress and plan. We are so grateful for how God is providing through you and cannot wait to see how 2020 evolves.

David A. Ketchum

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