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2022 Spring Banquet Recap

Our 2022 Spring Banquet is in the books and what a great night it was. We truly appreciate all who joined us in person at The Commons as well as those who watched the livestream at home. A big shout out also to our many sponsors who made the event possible.


Our good friend Tom Rust opened the evening in prayer. Tim Price and his daughter Ruby set the worshipful tone of the evening by leading us in praise of God. 

Tim and Ruby_edited.jpg

After a meal together, Dave Ketchum shared incredible praises from the past year. Mission Resource Ghana has been able to maintain a 97% repayment rate on their small loans. He also shared an update on longstanding clients, Jones and Adelaide. Over the years this enterprising couple turned their initial Mission Resource loan in 2005 into a partnership with Nestle and a business capable of supporting a Christian school and a church!

20220428_191631_HDR (1).jpg
Dave at Banquet.png

Scott Laskowski, the founder of OrganiLock, shared the keynote address for the evening. It’s not widely known yet, but Scott has created a better alternative to traditional chemical fertilizers. OrganiLock and Mission Resource plan to partner together to bring this new product, Soil Rehab, to the depleted soils of the developing world. This is a big vision, and we are thrilled to be a part of it! Many thanks, as well, to Scott and his wife Brenda for gifting everyone at the banquet with a sample of Soil Rehab to take home to their own gardens. 

20220428_193045_HDR (1).jpg

Finally, I had the opportunity to close the evening by introducing everyone to the current situation of my good Haitian friend, Johnny. As Johnny faces a summer without a paycheck and no way to feed his family of four, he sees a way forward: If only he can find a bit of capital to set up a small business, selling cold drinks to construction workers in his neighborhood. We have an opportunity to help Johnny support his family while developing good and godly business practices. Such opportunities are why Mission Resource exists. 


Thanks again to all those who give of their time, talents and finances to keep Mission Resource moving confidently into the future. This is the work the Lord has called us to. Your investment blesses every life, every family, every community that Mission Resource touches. 

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