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You + $25 = Lots of Change

When you give $25 to the Mission Resource Revolving Loan Fund, lots of change happens.

Your $25 is collected and bundled with other donated dollars in an electronic blanket and wired to Africa. At the bank, your donation is converted into a local currency. Emmanuel Alkori in Ghana or Pastor Peter in Kenya receive your donation as Ghanaian Cedis or Kenyan Shillings and take it to their office. A final loan document is signed by an awaiting applicant the money is distributed and gets to work with an African entrepreneur.

(On a side note, when we say awaiting, Emmanuel has approved loans for almost $50,000 just waiting for more funds—go here for more details.)

How does our money work?

Because our people and processes produce a 95% or better repayment rate, your $25, keeps on making change. Not $25 reduced to quarters, dimes and nickels (or pesawas) but changed lives. Women and men own business that feed their families, send children to school and allow a family to contribute time, talents and treasure to their communities.

Dollars into Change Take 1: Felix's Taxi & Delivery Service

Felix Kubuafor is a teacher who also operates a successful taxi and delivery service with one car, two motorcycles and a few drivers. Felix is ready to expand his business. Your $25 donation, now transformed into about 94 Ghanaian Cedis, teams up with $425 from Felix and $575 from Mission Resource to purchase part of a $1,000 motorcycle. Now the money has taken the form of a motorcycle and is making money by moving passengers and packages around the busy and cramped streets of Tema and Accra. Felix pays drivers, fuel and other costs and he uses profits to pay back his loan. Soon the loan will be paid off and he will pocket more profits.

So Felix pays back his loan plus interest (proceeds are used to pay local employees and offset losses) and your donation (now in Ghana Cedis—that is GHS like we use USD for American Dollars) is ready to get to work with someone else.

Dollars in to Change Take 2: Agnes & Samuel's Natural Ointment

Agnes Attamah and her husband Samuel take your $25 and purchase ingredients for a natural ointment. Their family makes a highly sought after ointment to treat burns, scratches and other skin ailments. Agnes makes trips to find oils, herbs, plastic jars and lids, labels and all the other items necessary to make the salve. After boxing and selling it to shopkeepers and to the public, Agnes and Samuel take their loan and interest money back to Mission Resource.

Dollars to Change Take 3: Enoch's Aluminum Fabrication

Soon your $25 (or GHS 94) is waiting to be bundled with another $1,425 and sent off to Enoch Tetteh, an aluminum fabricator, for supplies. Enoch buys aluminum and glass, makes doors and windows for clients. Enoch had to drop out of school because his parents could not afford to send him, but he was fortunate to learn a trade to provide for him and his family. Enoch gets paid for his windows and doors and then sends your $25 to Emmanuel at Mission Resource.

Dollars to Change Take 4: Peter's Taxi Service

Peter Danso is an experienced taxi driver ready to start a business with his own car. Right now Peter can only drive certain hours which often interfere with family life and keep him from producing during other shifts. He is waiting for $4,300 from Mission Resource. Your GHS 94 turns into part of a car that supplies a man with his own business for his family. Peter is able to make a better income and has more time with his family and serving in his church and community.

Your end of year gifts keeps on making life changes for Ghanaians and Kenyans. You don't have to give a lot to make a big difference. Our “small investments make a HUGE impact.”

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