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Pray for Justice

Our Director in Ghana, Emmanuel, is requesting your prayers on behalf of one of our clients, Vivian Botchey.

With five young children, Vivian has been feeling the pressure of being the breadwinner for her family after her husband’s job fell apart. Her business is clothing resale.

Vivian buys her supplies within Ghana or imports clothing from Togo and China. Recently, after paying for a shipment from Togo, she went to pick it up from customs only to find it held up by officials demanding a duty payment almost equal to the value of the clothing itself!

After much pleading, some of the clothing was released to her, but not all.

It’s hard to maintain a business when you must battle corruption along with a weak economy and all the other hardships that come with life in a developing country.

On this side of the Atlantic, our greatest weapon for this battle is your prayers. Our God “loves righteousness and justice” (Psalm 33:5), so when we pray against corrupt practices, we have the assurance we are praying His will.

Please pray that Vivian would receive all the clothes from customs without further hassle. And please continue to lift all of our businesspeople as they seek to glorify God and serve their families, often in the face of the corruption and greed of others.

(Photo of Large Clothing Market in Accra, Ghana)

Thanks for your prayers and your gifts to Mission Resource!


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