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Biking for Rita

Longtime friend of Mission Resource and Columbus teacher, Mark Yeaton, will be a part of RAIN this summer (Ride Across Indiana). Mark will be using the 160 mile one-day bike ride to raise funds for Mission Resource, specifically to aid the business of Rita Dotse in Ghana, West Africa. (You can read about her need below, courtesy of our Ghanaian director, Emmanuel.)

The bike ride will take place on Saturday, July 16, starting in Terre Haute and ending in Richmond. Yeaton will be accompanied by two of his brothers, one on bike and one driving a support vehicle. If you would like to financially support his efforts, find him on Facebook or drop us a note by email (

Isn’t it marvelous to consider how the Lord connects His people, bringing Rita the help she needs by way of Mark, who lives – and rides his bike - on the other side of the planet?

Emmanuel writes:

Rita Dotse is a young Ghanaian Christian lady born on July 21, 1983. Though Rita is of age, she is not married and praying for a husband.

Rita is physically challenged in one of her legs. However, she has not allowed it to run down her life. She decided not to join the profession of such people by begging for alms along the street. Rita works hard and has a good education. She completed a secondary school program in 2003 offering typing. She then went to the Polytechnic to study accounting, finishing in 2009. She graduated from University of Cape Coast with a degree in finance in 2020.

Rita runs a cosmetics store. She also sells perfume, pomade, hair cream, footwear, beads, necklaces, hair meshes, etc.

Though she is physically challenged, she takes care of her aged parents who are both above 80 years. Rita has siblings but none of them stay with the parents. They only give financial support when they visit which is not regular.

The father is a retiree and earns very little, but the mother has no source of income at all. Rita is responsible for both their financial and daily well-being.

Rita therefore needs reasonable income to take care of herself and her parents. A loan to Rita should help her increase the volume and variety of her inventory. It should also help her reduce the number of times she has to travel to buy inventory in a month. On top of this, she should be able to make more sales, increase profit and be better able to support her aged parents.

P.S. Mark is not only going to help Rita, but countless others into the future! Why? Because when Rita repays her loan, it will go back into the revolving loan fund where that money will become available to others also looking to climb out of poverty!


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