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A Trial Young Ladies Too Often Face (And One Way it can be Avoided)

In a recent post here, I summarized chapter 1 of Created to Flourish in which author Peter Greer considers all the challenges a young girl growing up in extreme poverty might face – and that his own daughter will never experience. He has in mind issues like persistent lack of education or clean water.

But there was a notable exclusion in the list of challenges faced by those in extreme poverty…

My co-worker here at Mission Resource, Conrad, pointed out that Greer omitted one of the most devastating challenges that our own daughters will never face: the incredible pressure extreme poverty places on young ladies to sell their bodies for financial support.

Even in childhood.

It is an unimaginable evil. I heard in Haiti once that girls and women sold themselves for as little as 25 cents. Sadly, some enter the practice willingly – if reluctantly – while others are forced into it by desperate family members.

Although he currently resides in Pennsylvania, Conrad has on-the-ground experience with microfinance ministry in Ghana. He describes the joy of being a part of ministry which gives young women “opportunities for employment where they can be protected and encouraged to keep themselves until marriage”.

Conrad writes, “My secretary in Ghana, Irene, was a perfect example of this. She lost her father when she was 16. This left her vulnerable. But Irene refused the temptations and allowed God to draw her closer through this hardship.”

“God allowed our paths to cross, and we were able to give her a job where she could provide for herself and work her way through university. Steady, honorable work also freed her for ministry in the church. That is where she met a fine godly young man.”

“They had a God-honoring courtship and got married two years ago. They just had their first child in June of 2022.”

For years Irene has called Conrad her “Dad”.

Now he is “Grampa” as well!

“Both are titles that I feel honored to have,” Conrad says.

Your gift to Mission Resource’s “Empowerment Fund” has the same potential to bring beauty where there might otherwise be tragedy.

Conrad with Irene:


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