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Do You Know How To Make Heroes? Here's 1 Way We Do It Everyday.

Every person, every family, every community has a unique story that fits in a larger narrative. Each community is unique because of the people who formed it, its location in nature, the internal and external power structures that exist and many other variables. One of the most important things we can do in the context of development is to find how we fit into the story of the community. The community existed long before we came and will be there long after we leave—even if we spend our entire lives in the community.

Giving a loan to an entrepreneur or business owner is very much the same. Mission Resource is able to enter the story of an individual for a period of time while they write new chapters of their story. On our webpage, you will find stories recorded in words or video about inspirational women and men who are making big changes for themselves, their families and communities. Honestly, these are not Mission Resource stories, they belong to Margaret Mensah, Francis Konadu, Stephen Ofori and the many others who are turning dreams and desires into reality through diligence and determination.

There are some parts of client's stories that we know and are able to share. Family stories are changing through the actions of these business leaders. More children are going to school with necessary uniforms and supplies. Children are observing a parent live out lessons of diligence, hard work and faith in oneself and one's abilities and seeing them change their lives. Communities are changing through business owners sending neighbors to school, supporting churches and supporting others in many ways we do not know.

I think its great to not know everything going on with our clients as they impact their family, friends and communities. After all, it is their story to write and our opportunity to cheer, encourage and provide some of the means they need on their journey.

Please take some time to read and listen to the stories of Ghanaian and Kenyan business owners writing their own stories and helping people change their story.

Make someone a hero today in their own story. Pick a child, friend, spouse or someone you meet for the first time today and let them be the main thing. Listen to, learn from and brag about someone. It's that easy to make a hero.

Oh, and thanks for making Mission Resource a part of your story in our global community. It's great to be part of a larger narrative, isn't it?!?!

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