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Like a virus, bureaucracy knows no national boundaries.

And just like a sudden illness or a natural disaster, it can shut down businesses.

Fortunately, through support of generous people like you, Mission Resource is not only ready and able to help individuals launch a new business, but also to assist in times of unexpected need to keep the doors open.

Caroline Nzilani first heard of Mission Resource International through a friend. In April of 2021, with the help of an MRI loan, she started a spice shop near her home in Nairobi, Kenya.

Recently she wrote to us, “I am grateful of this opportunity you guys granted me, it has completely turned by life around and I am looking forward to make the most of this blessing.”

Unfortunately, the blessing was soon in jeopardy. Some officials from the County Health Department had come to her shop in January and demanded to see two “certificates”.

Caroline had neither.

The government officials gave her two weeks to acquire the proper paperwork. If she failed, they would shut down her business.

That is when she reached out again to Mission Resource. By God’s grace, we were able to supply the funds to keep her doors open.

Imagine this: For want of $63, her business could have failed. Her family’s source of income would have ended.

Thank you for being a part of a ministry God is using to keep Caroline’s doors open.

What she wrote to MRI goes out to you as well, “May God continue blessing you so you can touch more lives.”



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